Kiwi & Vitamins

Kiwi fruits are one of the most popular fruits around. This isn’t really surprising as they are extremely delicious and easy to eat and are also a very attractive green colour which helps when trying to persuade younger children to eat more fruit. As well as being delicious though, Kiwi fruits are packed with many vitamins which provide a health benefit to eating them as well as their delicious taste.

Kiwis are full of vitamins and beneficial to your health.

Kiwis are full of vitamins and beneficial to your health.

Amongst the vitamins contained in a kiwi fruit, vitamin C is one of the highest. As the body does not store vitamin C, we need a regular daily intake to keep our immune system healthy. Eating fruit is an easy way of increasing our vitamin C intake and the kiwi is absolutely packed with it. As well as essential vitamins, the kiwi is a great source of potassium, even more so than bananas. This is an important mineral which plays a significant role in maintaining and regenerating our internal cells and organs. Other essential vitamins in a kiwi fruit are vitamins A and E. These are complimentary vitamins to vitamin C and help to protect us from free radicals which can cause cancer, amongst other health problems.

The high fibre content of kiwi fruits should not be dismissed either. With modern processed foods, fibre is often lacking in our diet. Eating kiwi fruits is a great way to increase your fibre intake as well as gaining many important vitamins. Studies in Italy have shown significant improvement in asthmatic children when kiwi fruits are regularly included in the diet. Whilst this is not yet conclusive, it is certainly worth a try as there will be an overall beneficial to your health anyway, with the additional intake of many of the important vitamins that our body needs. One word of warning about eating kiwi fruits; whilst these are healthy and delicious, they have been shown to trigger allergy symptoms, especially, though not exclusively, in small children. This has especially been the case in those who suffer from other allergies such as peanut allergies. For this reason, it is advisable to be observant when first eating them.

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