Exotic fruits

We all know that to ensure a healthy diet, it is important to eat plenty of fruit. For those of a certain age, this meant a choice of apples, pears, oranges and bananas. Now, all of thee are very tasty, but today, there are now many more exotic fruits that are widely available in supermarkets. Not only are these delicious, but are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Exotic fruits can be quite expensive.

Exotic fruits can be quite expensive.

The only real drawback is that exotic fruit can sometimes be very expensive. This is down to two key factors; firstly, many will have been grown by small scale farming methods which makes them more costly, and, secondly, most are grown in the Caribbean or African states, meaning that transport costs are high. The following are examples of exotic fruit; some are very easy to find in supermarkets, whilst others are quite unusual and seen only on occasion.

The Kiwi Fruit

Most people in the UK know about this delicious bright green fruit. Packed to the hilt with vitamin C, it is both healthy and delicious.


An unusual example in that the main part of the fruit surrounds the seeds contained in it. However, these are absolutely delicious and are great to have beside you as a snack, simply sucking the flesh of the seed.

The Star Fruit

Also sometimes known as a carambola, it makes an excellent decorative addition to any dish. Sadly, however, its taste is not as exciting as its shape.


The lychee, which originates from Asia, is probably quite familiar to many people who have tasted it from tins. However, do try to get hold of some fresh lychees if possible. The flavour is much more aromatic and intense than the tinned variety.

Dragon Fruit

This fascinating looking fruit, also known as pitaya, is another from the Asian continent, but not as well known to most as the lychee is. It has a sweet but light taste and is also very refreshing. It is reputed to be good for people with high blood pressure and diabetes. It does also have laxative properties, however, so it is best eaten in moderation. So, if you are an apples and pear person why not break out a little and try some different exotic fruits from a shop near you?

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